Deesons British Restaurant

Date visited-Wednesday 16th April 2014


Me, Ryan and couple went to Deesons in Canterbury, Kent for a meal and it was awesome. With Ryan being a chef we like to go to nice restaurants that cook delicious food rather than go to chain restaurants (it’s defiantly something a girl could get used to!)

because Ryan hadn’t seen his friend in a while we decided to take them to one of our favourite restaurants. We have been here twice before, and it has got better every time.

I am not usually very adventurous and mainly go for chicken or vegetarian, but on this particular evening I decided to go for the beef.


i had Roast loin of Monkshill Sussex steer beef with a braised blade of beef, horseradish mashed potato & roasted beetroot.

The beef was lovely and pink and the braised blade of beef just fell away when my forked touched it.

We all had a starter, main course and one person had desert. We also managed 2 bottles of red between us and the bill came to £160.
yes, the food isn’t the cheapest, what you do get what your paid for. persons is now on the top of my list of restaurants.

Who will make the rest of my list?

5 out of 5 stars.

1. Deesons, Canterbury Kent

2. ?

3. ?

3. ?

5. ?

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