Smoothie diet -Week 1

A few years ago I got really comfortable with my life and put on a bit of weight. You wouldn’t look at me and think I was fat or that I looked horrible, because I knew how to cover it up and wear certain clothes to make myself look okay.

I managed to loose 2 stone with a diet I made up called the cuppa soup diet. I would have 2 cuppa soups during the day, with fruit in between then a balanced meal in the evening. I quit smoking and only drank moderately. I was even going for a run 3 times a week.

Of course this only lasted a few years then I got comfortable again. Isn’t it horrible that you put on weight soooo quickly but getting back off is such a slowwwww process?
My aim is to loose 23lbs in 8 weeks. I did it before? So why I can’t I do it again?

Starting weight – 168lbs
Weight now – 165lbs
Goal weight – 145lbs

20 pounds to go!

So I’m pretty pleased with my result as I went out for dinner Wednesday night for someone’s birthday and this was a naughty evening. This is also without exercise.

What did I do?

Green veg smoothie – everything in a blender and serve cold!
2 celery sticks
Cup full of baby spinach
Quarter of a cucumber
Half lime
1 apple

Choice or fruit smoothie – everything in a blender with ice!
Cup full of frozen berries
2 bananas
Cup of almond milk

Or just berries or just banana. Whatever I feel at the time 🙂

More fruit
Hand full of nuts
Low fat Yoghurts


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