Healthy breakfast :)

Total calories = 195

So it’s a Sunday and it’s the only day I have completely to myself….. Which could be a bad thing. On a weekend my mum stocks the kitchen full of bacon, eggs, fresh bread, mushrooms and everything else for a dieters nightmare.

So this Sunday was the 14th day of my diet and I wasn’t going to fail due to the aromatic smell of bacon. So I have to make sure that there is an alternative for me, and my favourite at just 195 calories is a Spanish omelette with gluten free toast. This is low in calories and is packed with veg, fibre and protein.

-glutton free bread
-Red onion
-Yellow pepper
-4 cherry tomatoes
-low fat grated cheese

-Heat some oil in an omelette style pan.
-Chop some onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes, a handful of each and fry them in a pan with some salt and pepper.
-Whilst that is frying, beat 2 whites and 1 yolk in a bowl and add 2 table spoons of water.
-once the onions, peppers and cherry tomatoes are nice and soft, add the egg and turn down the heat.
-use a large lid from another pan to put over the omelette pan at a medium heat, every now and then checking on it.
-when the omelette has set and the other side is light brown, flip over.
-add some grated cheese to melt
-when it’s cooked turned off the heat and fold the omelette over so the cheese melts.
-toast one slice of gluten free bread and serve with the omelette.


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