Week 3 – Eating out away from home


Me and Ryan spent a few days in Brighton this week so my diet was not as strict this week but I still managed to lose 1lb and generally I feel really good.

The hardest thing about not being at home is watching what you eat. We left early in the morning and stopped off at the services on the way. The only choice at this services was Macdonald’s …. However I did find oats so simple porridge on the menu for 195 calories. So that was breakfast sorted for that day!

What is great when it comes to eating out is when you have a menu that have the calories on it!!! However unfortunately for me not all of them did so what I had to do was improvise and choose an alternative.

For example, the next morning, Ryan wanted a fry up so we found a cafe in the town called Love Fit Cafe. What i liked about this cafe was that it offered a ‘low carb’ full english which was 358 cals instead of god knows how much in a normal one. The sausages were low fat and the bacon were medallions and were grilled not fried. there was no bread or hash brown, just scrambled egg, mushroom and tomatoes (all grilled).

Love Fit Cafe, Brighton, Sussex

One evening, after a long day we were starving and fancied a burger-Yes burger and chips don’t sound healthy at all! But what I decided to go for was a chicken burger, chargrilled instead fried or breadcrumed and I ate the burger with knife and fork as this slowed down the meal and only ate the bottom of the bun and discarded the top.

Chargrilled chicken burger @ Gourmet Burger Kitchen Brighton.

I also opted for sweet potato fries and they were amazing and so was the sparkling flavoured water that I had with it instead of my usual coke.

Sweet potato fries for me @ Gourmet Burger Kitchen Brighton, Sussex.

I think when you are changing your eating habits the temptation to slip is very great. So what I suggest is to let yourself off once in a while. Go out for dinner, have that ice-cream that you crave! I’ve lost 6lbs in the last 3 weeks so this break away was my pat on the back!!! However i didn’t go crazy and have lots of fatty foods-but I did have that ice-cream and a lovely curry!

Me on the beach with my mint choc chip ice-cream!

Week 4 I will start incorporating exercise workouts to tone up and get fit for when I go on holiday. i have around 7 weeks to go!

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