Book Review: If I Break

If I Break
If I Break by Portia Moore
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I came across If I Break purely by accident on and noticed it was free! I do love a freebie and have had success in the past with falling in love with said freebies. I honestly don’t think that price can be a honest preconception for how good its going to be. As a Kindle reader I don’t like to spend anymore than £5 unless I have been highly anticipating the release of a book and therefore don’t care how much I spend.

Unfortunately my hypothesis was this time flawed because I didn’t enjoy my freebie and therefore gave it 2 stars which is unlike me.

I am an impatient reader especially when i am intending to read the whole book from start to finish because i have the time to. I didn’t like how it went back and forth from present to past. The secrecy of what Cal did lead me to make my own conclusions and therefore i was really disappointed with the actual ‘secret’. Come on really? A personality disorder? Maybe i had read too many Kristen Ashley novels and thought he would be some secret spy or someone who had been sent to look after her and protect her but then falls in love with her. And where did all his money come from? i just thought it was a bit silly and maybe trying too hard to be different storyline. Both their characters were quite annoying. Lauren was too whiney and childish and Cal was very confusing (the only thing that makes sense with his personalty disorder).

It started off ok, and i even found it emotional at times, but the more i read the more i just wanted to put it down.

I understand there is a sequel and also a book 3 but i don’t think i will be wasting my time just incase i am again disappointed. Sorry 😦

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