Book Review: This Time Around

This Time Around
This Time Around by Ellie Grace
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This Time Around vs The Notebook???

I bought ‘This Time Around’ on for just 99p!
It is a standard boy meets girl. Girl is rich. Boy is not. Girl is angelic like. Boy is seen as a trouble maker.
It was a good Sunday afternoon read, however i couldn’t help comparing it to Nicholas Spark’s ‘The Notebook’.
When Nora’s father warned off Jake which caused them to break up, i couldn’t help think of the early part of The Notebook when Noah and Allison also broke up due to the different social backgrounds.
The mothers in both This Time Around and The Notebook were also very similar in where they come around to their daughters choice of love life when they faced with a life changing decision.
I also noticed that the setting of State of Charleston was the same, The Notebook being set in Seabrook Island and This Time Around was set in South Carolina.
I recommend this to anyone who is a Nicholas Sparks fan, and who wants an afternoon read that isn’t too heavy. There is nothing to hate about the characters but then there isn’t much to like either as there wasn’t much depth to them.

I would give this 2.5 stars but have rounded it up to 3 as it was only 99p 🙂

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