Bootea 14 day Detox

Bootea Detox Tea & Shakes © Joanne Johnston 2015

Day 2 of the Bootea 14 day detox

First thing that I was impressed about was that it was next day delivery, so no having to wait days for it to arrive. Just like Next Day Delivery for asos you get a txt message that morning with the hour window of when it will arrive.

To be honest this stuff isn’t cheap-if you luckt enough to get a decent amount of discount like I did then it’s not as bad. The tea ranges about £19.99 and the shakes range about £29.99. The tea will last you 2 weeks and the shakes will last depending on how many shakes you have which is clever on their part as if you have 2 a day then it only lasts a week.

My plan is to have one shake a day, 30 mins before lunch time as for me this is my hungriest part of the day.

Bootea morning tea © Joanne Johnston 2015

What I didn’t expect was to actually like the taste of the teas! I’ve had herbal teas before and think that maybe I have grown used to them. My friend thinks that the evening taste better but I disagree and slightly favour the morning one. The morning tea should be drunk every morning when you wake up and the evening should be drunk every other evening as it contains a slight laxative which in turn ‘clears you out’. Hence it being a detox. I am only on day 2, but I already agree with the findings.

The shake is berry flavour and tastes very nice, the intention of it is to fill you up to make you feel less hungry. This is an issue for me as when I feel hungry, I don’t know when to stop or feel full. Drinking this 30 mins before a meal (I choose lunch as this is when I am the hungriest) leaves me feeling a little more satisfied.

Obviously, it’s only day 2 but i already feel less bloated and a bit more energised. If I can maintain this with a healthy diet and lots of water and sleep then after 14 days I should feel the results.

Has anyone else tried this???

Joanne xx

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