Cullins Yard, Dover Restaurant Review – Give me Steak & Pinot! 

I have been working my but off for the last few weeks so I had a night of fitness and went out for dinner with my oldest friend Sinead 🙂

  We went to Cullins Yard down the Dover Sea front. I had been there before but can’t remember it being this good! We had booked a table which was lucky as it was very busy! We waited awhile for the food to come out but in the mean time we successfully polished off a bottle of Pinot 🙂

When the steak (sirloin) came out, oh my god it was beautiful! Nicely chargrilled on the outside and the chips for homemade and to die for. I could happily eat that everyday!

We were there for hours and didn’t once feel pushed to leave at all. There was band playing the piano and double bass but it wasn’t too loud and complemented the great atmosphere!

Calorie intake for last night???

Um…… Yeah I wasn’t counting!

Anyone from Kent area that would like a decent steak, reasobablly priced, good atmosphere and service then check out Cullins Yard!

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