Goodreads Review: Bright Side – Old review from December 2014 – 5 out 5 amazing stars!!!

Bright Side
Bright Side by Kim Holden

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Okay…….. I have waited a few weeks before making my review……

Usually I am recommended a book or asked to review but i came across this purely by accident. Do you they say not to judge a book by its cover? Well i am sorry but people do and in this instance i just saw a bright orange cover that had the words ‘Bright Side’ in cute handwritten font.

So i gave it a go…… And in the words of Kate Sedgwick…. it was EPIC.

5 Stars all the way……

I hate hate hate female protagonists that are weak and fall in love easy blah blah blah-and no thats not me being a feminist thats just me knowing what i like in a book! Kate was funny, cool and just had a brilliant view on life hence her nickname Bright Side. So has had so much bad stuff happen to her but she remains happy throughout.

Gus…… sounds hot. he does. he’s a musician in a band??? His relationship with Kate was amazing and id love to have a hot best friend like him.

Keller….. not going lie i am team Gus but Holden cant help but make me love him too especially when we find out about Stella!

I dont want say much more except please read it!!!!

I have recently recommended my best friend to read it and she nearly killed me for the emotional roller coaster i put her on!

You will need…… a quiet house, a good couple of uninterrupted hours, wine, chocolate and tissues!!!!!


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