Food!! Glorious healthy food!! 🍴

Fillet Steak with lots of veg! No carbs!

When I first started my mission (I call it a mission because I knew this would be something that could make or break me!) I was dreading not being able to eat and drink what I wanted.

But I can still eat my favourite foods and also make other foods become my favourite! Steak for example. I love steak! I’m not a massive meat eater but when it comes to a good medium fillet steak I would die for it. Above is what my steak meal would look like. Fillet steak with a homemade mushroom and chilli sauce, with roasted carrots, asparagus and lightly fried mange tout and crunchy salad. I didn’t have any carbs which cuts down the calorie intake. But there’s plenty of nice veg and flavour on the steak!

Warm green salad with extra protein

Post run warm salad. Packed with protein with the eggs and low fat cheese. Chuck the asparagus, green beans and cherry tomatoes in a frying pan for a few minutes and serve with spinach! Can be a great lunch or a light dinner!

120 cal Warburton thin bagel with chive light philli

Bagels are usually around 250 cals each and I’ve been trying to stay away from bread. But this is a great way to start the day as you can burn off the carbs throughout the day. This particular bagels are made by Warburton thins and are only 120 cals! The cream cheese is light phili with chives and is only 1 weight watcher point a serving. Could have as a snack also in the afternoon if you are planning an evening swim or run.

Warm green advocado salad

Avocado is high in fat but it’s good fat and also speeds up metabolism. It’s perfect in a warm green salad with hard boiled eggs. This is more of a post workout dinner but could be a lunch too. Be careful on how much avocado you have and also made sure it’s ripe! Nothing worse than an un ripened avocado!

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