Review: TomTom Runner GPS Watch

TomTom Runner GPS Watch (Dark Pink)

This is my new TomTom runner! I’ve never had a GPS watch before and I had done a lot of research. I’m not saying this would be the only one I would ever have, but I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money just invade somewhere down the line I invest in a new one! I had researched a lot before I finally clicked buy, so what made me choose this one? my main priority was compatibility. I needed something that would sync to my iPhone, iPad and my Macbook. I also wanted something simple and easy to use that would simply tell me my time, pace, and location so I could load it onto my phone and keep a record of it.


When I first opened the box from Amazon (ok I ripped it opened from the excitement) I first noticed how cute it was, and was very aesthetically pleasing. The square shape was a modern take on the rest oft the watches I had seen so far and strap felt comfortable on my wrist. I have very small wrists so it was important for me to have a watch that would fit and that would feel comfortable. 


The syncing was relatively easy, all I needed was the bluetooth on to sync it with the TomTom app on my phone and a wi-fi connection on my Macbook when I plugged it in to my computer. This registered the TomTom so I could upload my runs to my account.


So this is what the iPhone app looked like after a 5k run. I did spend some time whilst running to look at the different displays I could have. My main interest is the distance so I had the amount of km’s I was running. What I liked about the watch, which I didn’t know about before purchasing was the race feature. Most mornings I go for a quick 2km before work and I always stick to the same distance and route. The race feature lets me race against myself! That way I can focus on increasing my pace. The watch vibrates when I have beaten my old time and shows 2 arrows on the screen of my current position and the old position, and how many metres I am beating my old elf by! It brings out my competitive side!!!

If you are looking for something reliable and not too expensive I recommend the TomTom Runner! There are other colours too!!!

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