Book Review: A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade

A Beautiful Kind of Love by Ellie Wade

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

25115747Did I like it? Did I not?

I had to go and read another book before I could write a review. I showed the usual characteristics when I am enjoying a book……. I don’t move, eat, drink or check my phone until the book is finished. But when I did finish a couple of hours later (and after hydrating and consuming food) I felt vaguely unsatisfied and couldn’t shake the weird feeling I had. I proceeded onto another book hoping that a few more hours later I would know what it was. Ellie Wade, you did play with my emotions throughout, I have to give it to you, I felt like a yo yo and very much sea sick too.

We are more or less given this strong and sweet relationship straight away that would make any perfect relationship green with envy. Then Jax has to screw it up! Obviously we needed a story, something to happen, something to drive us to an ending of some sort. Some endings are happy and some yes are sad-but this ending made me angry. He broke up with her in the first place, broke her heart, played with her feelings when she begged him not to. Then he just expects her to try again because he is jealous of another man, but then when that said other man cheats on her, she asks for some time, then finally when she’s ready-he’s engaged? In the 6 months of her getting herself together he’s engaged?

Oh and he still gets his cake and eats it when he still wants to be best friends still??? Come on Lily, stop being a frigging door mat and grow a back bone!
Even though I despise the ending and despise how Jax ended up, I did like the first 80% of the story but was disappointed when the ending I expected did a complete bipolar move.

Please rewrite a happily every ending for me please Ellie Wade???? Please???

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