Book Review: The Art of Life by Sarah Kay Carter

The Art of Life by Sarah Kay Carter

My rating: 5 of 5 stars17800817Wow that was long!!!! I love a long book, and usually my faults with books are that they are not long enough-I wasn’t sure how it would work at first-but it did, the length really did work. I’m glad it wasn’t over too quickly and I’m glad I got to witness the innocence of Isabelle! I could understand how someone people could view her as naive and maybe a little stupid, but I viewed her beyond all that and took into consideration how everyone (until meeting Jeremy) had made her feel. A lot of people can relate to be being bullied, or having an alcoholic mother, or having a lot of crap done to them-but she had all of this done to her, so i defiantly don’t think she’s stupid or naive, just very self conscious, with zero self esteem. Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy…… what I can I say about Jeremy? Except that he is perfect! Yes, he had flaws, Sarah Kay Carter would be silly not to give him flaws. He messed up here and there and let her carry on going on dates even though he was in love with her. Was he being selfless and just too scared?  Its safe to say that any guy would be jealous of Jeremy and any girl would be jealous of Isabelle! It is long and may take a few days to read, even for the fastest of readers-and at 99p on Amazon its even better!!!!!

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