First Day At Your New Job – Do’s & Don’ts

So it was my first day at my new job today (which was so exciting!) I had read up on some do’s and don’ts however there were some things I weren’t prepared for so I wanted to share what I had found.

Do-Wear comfy shoes, but try them out first! Even if your shoes are flat (defiantly wear flats on your first day!) My shoes were brand new therefore they rubbed slightly when I was walking from the car! (Because there were so many people and I didn’t have to meet HR until 9.30, I had to park a fair distance from reception and the backs of my feet were already sore! So glad I didn’t wear heels though!)


Don’t-Drink a large amount of coffee before you get there. Like me, I was being showed round a lot and meeting lots of people. Unfortunately my bladder isn’t great with copious amounts of coffee which led to me bouncing up and down until finally they said,  ‘oh and here are the toilets’. (Thank you God!)

Do-Have a list of questions to ask HR about holiday, employee benefits and where the canteen and coffee is located! This was my first completed mission! Ah more coffee….. Oh uh.

Don’t-Make a rash decision with lunch. Yes, there are lot of queues and it’s looks confusing, but you may regret buying a pre packed sandwich when you sit next to someone who’s eating fresh chicken soup and a roll which only cost them a £1! Take your time! You have a hour. (I was hungry straight away after).

Do-Take advantage of the two 10 minute breaks allocated in the morning and afternoon. You may want to look good by working through but you will get a headache and it will make the afternoon go slower. Trust me.

Don’t-Be afraid to ask questions, or to ask to shadow someone. Everyone has been in your position and it will show confidence and eagerness that you want to learn. I learnt a lot today!

Do-Be yourself. Most people can see through facades. If you want people to like you, then be yourself!


Don’t-Be afraid to crack a joke or be funny if that’s how you deal with new situations. I had one girl in stitches at one point. It’s like we’ve been friends forever.

And of course enjoy it before the real work begins! You only get one first day!!!

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