Book Review: Promise Me Darkness by Paige Weaver

Promise Me Darkness by Paige Weaver17733971

***Warning may contain some spoilers-not major ones though***

5 stars.
I know when I am enjoying a book when I leave for work on a Monday morning earlier than usual so I can sit in my car for a good 30 minutes to cram whatever I can before my desk and coffee call my name.
Today was that day.
What I love about my Kindle app is that it tells you how long you have left before the end. Not sure how they work this out, whether it is by standard reading speed or whether it knows me that well by now. I gave a little cheer in my car when it said that there was 20 minutes left and I would have ample about of time to finish and also get a hazelnut latte before work. 
I found this book using the recommendation section of Goodreads, I am sometimes a book snob searching for something with high reviews and recommended due to another favourite of mine. 
I must admit I had never heard of Paige Weaver but man she had some really good reviews! With the fear of spoiling too much I stopped reading the reviews and headed to it was FREE!!! I LOVE FREE BOOKS. I love how you intend to actually spend money but you are rewarded with the £0! Yes, usually if it’s a series then the rest will charge, and maybe more than usual but who cares. I would pay anything. Very clever marketing.
So, it started as your usual boy and girl who are friends, girl is good, boy is bad, then it gets cute, then hot, then dramatic, then BAM something I really didn’t expect happens and now this hot sexy romance is meeting War of the Worlds (minus the aliens), The Walking Dead (minus the zombies) and some solider movie that I can never remember the name of. Shit goes down and they are now in city where there is no communication, no structure and everyone is fending for themselves (where the WOTW and TWD references come in).
The drama and the not knowing what can happen next is entertaining and addictive. It also makes you think that it can happen in our world too. Weaver combines the usual boy meets girls story and adds a contemporary twist that we can relate too with whats happening on TV right now, but she goes that step beyond. Quite scary really. But soooo good.
I am now off to read number 2!

Read more of my reviews on Goodreads.



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