It’s okay to not obsess about what you are eating

Constantly Caffeinated


You have spent all week avoiding naughty foods at work and you have successfully avoided accepting the sugar covered donut that your boyfriend offered you. You pass Mac Donald’s every morning and pat yourself on the back for not  detouring through to buy a sausage and egg Mc Muffin. 

You should be proud that you have haven’t clogged your arteries with fat. You should be proud that your skin is glowing and that you are more alert from the lack of sugar crashes. Be proud.

So it gets to Friday night and your friend asks you over to hers to have a Chinese takeaway and a bottle of wine. She’s just moved in to her new house and she wants to celebrate with you. 

You can either a) say you are busy and sit at home with a nice healthy chicken dish and a bottle water. B) say yes you’ll…

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