Look At Us

Women can be both tricky and simple to understand.
That’s why you love us.
We want feminism and we want equality. But we also want you to tell us we are beautiful. We want you to look us in the eye and be interested in what we have to say. We want you to want us, we want the fire and we want the ice. One minute we are up and the next we are spiraling. We need you to bring us back down. It’s not like we need a man to live, that’s not it. But if you are in it with us, we need you all the way.
You think we want presents and money to be spent. That’s not true. It’s the little things that count. As cheesy as that sounds. We want the random kisses. We want the small free gestures, we want the attention and we want the romance.
We work hard, whether that’s earning a living or bringing up your children. We think about you all day and how lucky we are.
Do you do the same?
We look after you when you are sick, we clean up after you when you don’t notice. We realise you do things too. You work hard and we are proud.
We don’t mind when you want guys night, we don’t mind when you want to watch football again. We don’t mind you being on your PlayStation for hours. We like our time too to relax, to read, or have a glass of wine.
It bothers us though when you think we nag or that we are on your case.
Wires get crossed and names are said.
Arguments happen.
Take the time to look at us. Really look at us. We want to feel what you are feeling. See what you are seeing. Some of us are stronger than others. It depends what life has thrown our way.
Be careful with us.
Treat us right.
Take your time.
Enjoy what you have, and we will do the same.

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