Book Review: End of Day by Jewel E Ann

25109543The last few books I have read have focussed primarily on sad situations where the main character has felt helpless and victimised one way or another. Although I am a sucker for a good cry I am also a sucker for a strong badass character. I mainly find my recommendations through, it bases my recommendations on what I have read or my favourites shelf. This one popped up one day. I have seen the cover somewhere before but I must’ve passed it up thinking it was another chick lit. It’s not. Yes it has a bit of kink and a bit of naughtiness but it is also dark, deep and also shocking in some places. The blurb interested me, as it seemed to say a lot, but not enough to make any sense, which meant I had to read it to find out. The Day/Knight twins are comical, again badass and pretty awesome. They have skills that you want to have but there is nothing about their situation to be jealous of. Their bond is undeniable and sometimes borderline crazy. No one but them would understand. Sometimes flashbacks bore me when I already know the outcome, but Jess/Jills flashbacks are warranted for this story. They are not about love or heartbreak, its more sinister than that, and a lot crueller. Now in her thirties she is strong but not unbreakable. She can kill you with her bare hands and she herself calls herself crazy but she would do anything for anyone she cares about. This book is about survival, craziness, family, lost friends, blood, sex, neighbours, fighting, dying and of course love. Can’t beat a bit of romance. This isn’t a stand-alone novel and there is another book that follows. I am now off to read that!

Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 09.59.18

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