Book Review: Stinger by Mia Sheridan

I am already a big fan of Mia Sheridan’s work after reading ‘Archers Voice’ a few months ago. Stinger was recommended to me, and I thought if it was anything like the last book I read by her then it wouldn’t disappoint. This time I made the decision to also download the audio version to go with the Kindle. There are times where i am too busy to read for example when i am cooking, driving or even at work! I have listened to audiobooks before and most i have enjoyed if the narrator is bearable. The good thing about amazon is that you can sample a book to read and also listen to. i do this a lot and it helps to decided whether you are hooked or not. i am unfortunately a big believer in being hooked on a book within the first few chapters-not necessaryly the very first chapter but at least the first 2 or 3. Audiobooks do take longer to ‘read’ than the traditional way of reading. i am a very fast reader and usually takes me a couple of sittings to finish one. ‘Stinger’ took me 2 days to get through; i listened to some on the way to and from work, then for a few hours at work and also some in the evening as i was running or cooking. This was on and off. I enjoyed the flexibility of listening and doing other stuff at the same time. I am lucky to have a job where I can listen to music or the radio through my headphones as i don’t have to interact with customers.

What I like about ‘Stinger’ is how the first half of the book is completely different to the second half of the book. It begins on an immature level, then as time goes on, which is narrated every few years or so, it becomes mature and wiser. Both characters take control of their lives, which has been in direct influence of the other person. In turn they become grateful for each other because without them they may not be where they are today. Grace starts off as an innocent but naive girl with a plan of her life. Carson is an immature male with only one thing on his mind-but that’s all he has ever known until Grace comes along.

It’s not your typical boy meets girl one weekend then bam they are together forever, happily ever after.

Their journey takes longer than that, lessons are learnt, and things and people get in the way. Their story is not the only story. Carson’s life after meeting her turns a 180, he becomes the story, which makes his character so much more valid.

If you already like Sheridan’s work or you want something that involves a journey, then I recommend!

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