Book Review: Middle of Knight and Dawn of Forever by Jewel E Ann

jackandjilltrilogy“Happiness moves you forward, but pain keeps you balanced”

**** Some spoilers ****

I decided to review part 2 and part 3 of the Jack and Jill series at the same time because I read them literally one after another, so they pretty much blended into one another.
I read part 1 ‘End of Day’ a few weeks ago and thought it was brilliant. The ending of course had a cliff-hanger confirming that there is a part 2, however not enough for me to start it straight away.
When I know there is a series or a trilogy of books, I personally like to have a break in between so I don’t get bored. HOWEVER, I could not have a break in between ‘Middle of Knight’ and ‘Dawn of Forever’. I ended up reading both within a 12-hour period and that was with an eight-hour sleep in between.
As I said in my previous review for ‘End of Day’, I really enjoy Jillian and Jackson’s characters, especially when they are together. When we flash back to them as Jess and Jude, they are still great but the harshness of life has changed them into something harder and darker, but this adds to their comical value.
We learn to love Jillian and AJ’s relationship. It’s unconventional, dangerous but valuing. However, we slowly begin to love Jess and Luke’s relationship the more stories we hear of them, even though it is from the past as we start reliving it with her.
Jewel E Ann does a great job of fading out AJ with his illness and fading back in Luke when he realises she is still alive. The men never really existed at the same time which meant that we as the reader didn’t have to decide who she should be with or what team to be on. Everything that happened with them seemed as though it was fate, but in a very twisted way. At the time we love AJ, so we are rooting for him, but when Luke comes back into the picture, we switch sides without so much of a thought.
The first book focussed heavily on Jessica/Jillian, but later on we get to enjoy Jude/Jackson’s POV as well as Luke’s, AJ’s, Bryn and even a snippet of Jess/Jillian’s Mum. More of the back stories feature and start to put the puzzle pieces together for the reader and for Jessica/Jillian.
The genre of these series I would consider to be a psychological romantic thriller, as it ticks all the boxes for it and more. The reader is constantly on edge on what is to happen next and there is so much back story but not too much that you would get confused. The structure is not told in in a beginning middle end way. We start at the more or less middle, work towards the end, whilst at the same time jumping back to snippets of before. Usually I am not one for flashbacks; so if you aren’t either, don’t be alarmed. It. Works.
Be aware there are scenes, which readers may find offensive but this adds to the darker side of the book as well as the romance and comical value. Its rare to read a book that has literally everything in it, but again not too much to be consumed by it.
This is not your typical love story. Yes it contains romance. But it also contains violence, death, destruction, loss, family, friends, sexual exploit, domestic abuse, sexual suggestions and much more.
The love that is derived from this story went through wars but still came out the other side, which makes it even more substantial.
I highly recommended the series to anyone who loves a strong but damaged female protagonist, who is not offended by crude and dark natures, and someone who loves a thriller to stick their teeth into to. There is a lot more to say, but I would be here all day. So read them!

Original review posted on Goodreads.

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