I’m Okay – You will be too.

No matter how much time has past. Days, months or years. We will always be affected by the actions of those, who at one point, meant so much to us. Even if they don’t anymore.

You can avoid facebook, block them on twitter or unfollow them on instagram, but it doesn’t matter. You will find out. It will affect you. But as time passes, that horrible feeling of being punched in the stomach will subside. It will dull. Then eventually it will feel like nothing at all. Trust me.

For me, the punch occured months afterwards. I felt pain, I felt betrayal. I felt sick. I felt numb. I didn’t seek out the information. The information came to me. I couldn’t avoid it. They were together. Nothing I could do about it. So I deal.

Then the next time, I expected the news. Was just a matter of time. But it still hurt. Felt too soon.

Then three years later, my friend breaks the next lot of news to me expecting me to react.

I’m okay.

She checks.

Still okay.

She checks again.

Yep I’m okay.

Wait I’m okay? Of course I’m okay. It’s been four years. I have a life. I have love. I have friends. No regrets.

Are you not okay?

You will be.

Just give it time.

Trust me.


2 thoughts on “I’m Okay – You will be too.

  1. Yes! Humans have an amazing (almost animalistic) nature to survive and endure the worst. We just have to tune our minds to its full potential in order to handle everything. I’m glad to hear you’ve done that.


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