Book Review: ‘Undeniably You’ by Jewel E Ann

**** Emotional Rollercoaster Ride****

Jewel E Ann has done it again. Tore out my heart, stomped on it. Then put it back in my chest good as new.

I became a huge fan of Jewel E Ann when I came across the Jack and Jill series. (See my review for the the trilogy).

‘Undeniably You’ is funny, sweet, corny, romantic and everything else in between. If you’re a sucker for romance but like a bit of comedy then you will be fine.

“Here’s the problem. I don’t know how to live if I’m not loving you. It’s like asking my lungs to expand without air, my heart to beat without blood, my eyes to see without light. It’s just not possible. And yet, you’re so stupid …”

Argh Lautner knew every right thing to say even when Sidney didn’t.

“He must think you have a big piece of meat in there.”
The words come out of my mouth and my brain—that apparently has a two-second delay—catches up as I turn crimson … Swarley has diarrhea of the ass and I have diarrhea of the mouth.”

The beginning was a nice steady pace, a few hic ups here and there. Then just when you get comfortable. BAM. Shit happens. Life happens.
The rollercoaster starts and I nearly fall off.
Up and down the emotions go, round and round and round.

But then the ride ends with an abrupt holt…..and I expected….. more?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the ending but it was how we got there was the problem. Maybe because my hopes and expectations were ranked too high? Had I got used to the pain so I expected more of it?

Fucking medusa eyes.

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