Do you what you love, then keep doing it.

Mug in hand, I head to the kitchen at work to make my third cup of coffee of the day.

It’s only 10.30am.

I pass a colleague on my way and remark.

“Today is going soooo slow”. I say with an exaggerated groan.

In response she said. “Don’t wish your life away.”

Five simple words had me speechless.

I kept thinking about those five words all day.

She was right.

Life is too short.

Don’t regret.

You want those shoes? Buy the shoes!

You want to write a book. Go write.

You love them? Tell them.

You want that promotion? Apply!

You have money? Spend it on those who need it.

Give to charity.

Give blood.





Once you find something that makes your happy for the right reason. Carry on. Keep doing it.

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