Book Review: Wrong Number, Right Guy by Elle Casey

25335757Wrong Number, Right Guy has a catchy title and a great story line.

The idea of how May and Ozzie met was different to anything I have ready before which is refreshing.
May’s character isn’t supposed to be serious and her personality borders on crazy with her pink espadrilles and tiny dog in her handbag. At times the reader doesn’t need to question what the hell she is doing because she questions it herself in her head-constantly. But she does what she questions anyway adding the drama and comedy.
I wish Ozzie was more serious to balance out her simplicity, but maybe thats because I’m used to dominating male characters which ultimately is very egotistical-but we love it anyway!
This was a quick and easy read and definitely entertaining. I would give 3.5 stars as I needed a bit more from it.

This is part of a series which I may continue at some point.

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