Book Review: A Glimpse of the Dream

A Glimpse of the Dream
A Glimpse of the Dream by L.A. Fiore

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third L.A. Fiore novel that I’ve had the pleasure of reading and man was I not disappointed.
A Glimpse of the Dream is a long story stemming over several years from the characters young age to adulthood. The two POV’s are told primary from Teagan’s POV at first, but Kane’s POV is introduced at the perfect time. (I won’t spoil when).
Being a subscriber of Kindle Unlimited, I punch the air when I see a book that is part of this deal, and love it even more when the audio narration is included also (usually there is an additional fee which I would still happily pay). So over a few days I was hooked listening to the book in my car, cooking dinner and even at work (oops!). Listening to the actors read/act their parts really involved me in what they felt and what they were going through.
At many points I thought I knew what was happening then was blown away with something completely different.
There were many ups and downs like any romance novel, but there were no points where you wanted to shake the character and tell them that they’re being stupid as there were valid reasons for the characters doing what they did or behaving how they behaved, because you could understand both sides and sympathise.
The characters themselves were great especially the quirky Mrs Marks and everyone at Ravens Peak. I enjoyed Simons Character a lot and admired him as a person.
Beware – you will get hooked so choose a time where being a social introvert is acceptable.
I also recommend L.A. Fiore’s other work (Currently making my way through the Beautifully Damaged series).
Joanne 🙂

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