To Track Or Not To Track? Is It All In The Mind?

Lately I’ve been experimenting with my TomTom Runner watch. 

I sometimes find that when I wear my watch out for a run, I am constantly checking it and the run doesn’t feel as good. Is it psychological? Probably.

When I don’t wear it I feel better for it. I run how my body feels. But how far have I run? What’s my time? My pace? My calories burnt? How am I supposed to train for races when I don’t know how I’m doing? 

On the weekends I like to run as far as my body can take me. In the evenings I’m limited of time so only like to do 3-4K. 

Tonight I tried something different. Rather than pressing go, I switched it to the distance setting of 3km, and instead of the screen showing pace, distance and time it showed just a percentage. 

I really preferred this way and would recommend it when you have a distance in mind or don’t want to over do it. Will be trying it on Saturday morning for my park run! 

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