London Winter Run 2017 – 10k PB

My second 10k race.

This time last week, I took part in the 10k London Winter Run 2017. Being only my second 10k, I was both nervous and excited about completing it. When I did my first one nearly 2 years ago, I was no where as fit as I was now and I weighed a stone heavier but I still sometimes lack the confidence in my ability to run and it can affect my performance.

So how did I do?

Well I absolutely smashed my PB from 1 hour 15mins down to 1 hour 0 mins. So I was super happy! My aim was to be around an hour which I thought was doable with a determined mind.


How did I do it?

The lead up to most races are quite long, whether it’s a small distance or a marathon so I spent that time (as well as warming up) mentally preparing myself. I hadn’t actually run 10k since, well my last 10k race, but had done plenty of park runs and weekday runs after work so I knew what 5k felt like and it would mean doing it twice! When I’m setting out to do just 5k, my mind knows that I will stop when I’ve hit that mark. This time I prepared myself to not stop and to keep on going. The crowd helped too, as well as other runners around me cheering me on. It felt amazing. The atmosphere itself was intoxicating enough to make me carry on. I beamed with pride at every kilometre and I didn’t stop…… well until 8.5km….

Hitting the Wall.

Marathon runners are most accustomed to hitting the wall. It’s an imaginary wall that threatens to stop you from going any further, making you believe that you can’t do any more. I believe all runners have this and it doesn’t matter if it’s 5k, 10k or a marathon. It’s tough but you can overcome it. So there I was at 8.5km and this imaginary wall came out of no where and I’m now thinking this is now harder than I thought. My slow run turned into a fast walk and a stitch was forming in my right side. I tried not to drink too much at the water station, but maybe I should have had more. As I was slowly to a near walk there was at least ten people who patted me on the back saying, “Come on you can do it!” or “Not far now” or “You okay? Come on you got this”. Then I saw a friendly face who offered to carry my discarded gloves and hat. So I followed not stopping again until the finish line.


Having a purpose

When I signed up for the race, I created a fund-raising page in hope to raise money for cancer research. Not only was it an awesome thing to do, but I had lost someone to cancer and have people in my life who are dealing with cancer as we speak. I was thinking how great would it be if i could raise money as well as run? This would be something for them and something for me at the same time. Friends and family were supported and many of them donated what they could. I raised £400. It also helped having my mum there for support. It’s not the same when you don’t have someone waiting for you at the finish line!



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