Book Review: Lucas by Jay McLean

Lucas by Jay McLean

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

★★★★ It’s been awhile since I’ve had the chance to review a young adult novel. There’s only so much longer I can kid myself that I am still a ‘young adult,’ but I believe when it come to reading — there should be no rules.

This took a total of two evenings to read. Those evenings where short, and I probably could’ve have stretched it into one evening if I wanted to.

I have to admit I haven’t read all the More Than Series yet so I haven’t experienced Lucy and Cam’s story although I don’t think I necessarily needed to. This spin off features Lucy’s family and primary on her brother Lucas (I am assuming the rest of the Preston Brother series will feature the other brothers-no shock there) and his best friend Lois, aka Lois Lane, aka Laney. I have read many novels that involve two protagonists, two tenses, two lives, two perspectives all intertwining into one — however this does work and doesn’t feel too forced or too ‘destined’.

This has your usual immature love and immature mistakes making you want to shout at the characters “What are you doing!” “You’re ruining everything!” But this seems nothing compare to the mature loss and mature situations that they soon find themselves in.

McLean addresses important issues in this novel; family being one of them. We learn that when the family dynamics change the people involved have to cope in any way they can-they have no choice. Mothers are the catalyst in these scenarios. Laney’s mother is basically a non involved bitch so her and her Dad had to cope with moving away and not having much money-but they had each other and they had love. Lucas’s mother is the best and hands down my favourite character, and without her I don’t think that things would’ve ended up as they did — but she is taken away too soon, so they family have to deal with this and some deal with it badly and some not as bad. Then you have Cooper’s mother who we see snippets of, she wants to be a good mother and to a certain point she failed with Cooper but she attempts to make up for it with Laney at the time when it matters the most. 

McLean does a great job of shaping the many relationships throughout the novel, whether it is friendship, romantic or family. The read was emotionally draining in a satisfying way which novels need.

I gave this four out of five stars as I feel some of the heavy stuff could’ve been heavier or drawn out a little more but I always crave more. A good story always feel short when it’s not. Thats when you know you have read a great story.

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