I Hate Being Late

10 statements you will identify with if you hate being late!

All of my family, friends and now co-workers are now used to how early I am.

To everything.

And I mean everything.

Some people like it, some people depend on it – whilst others find it slightly frustrating.

It’s not the fact that I like being early, it’s the fact that I HATE BEING LATE.

If you, like me, hate being late, here are a few statements you will agree on.

  1. You are very familiar with the sick feeling you get when you think you are going to be late. You get hot. You get sweaty. Your heart beats faster. You feel like the world is going to end. But it doesn’t. So you’re okay.

  2. You work 9-5, but you’re at your desk at 8.15am. This means the traffic is light, the coffee is fresh and you’ve got the best parking space. You will take feeling super calm over the fear and hyperventilation any day.

  3. You set all your clocks in your home, car and phone, ten minutes fast so you and the other people living in your house aren’t late. Well you don’t want them to be late either?

  4. You have a sibling who is your opposite and is late to everything, so when you make plans you purposely tell them an earlier time, just so they are on time. Aren’t you nice!

  5. Trains are the worst – you have to arrive at the platform twenty minutes before it leaves. The ticket lines are never long and trains are NEVER early – but who knows!?

  6. Your boyfriend should’ve been home an hour ago….. at by which point you have conjured up all the dramatic and far-fetched reasons that they could be late for but really they just lost track of time – who does that?

  7. It’s super frustrating when people take forever to get ready to go out. Like what have they been doing for the last two hours?

  8. When ‘fashionably late‘ means 15 minutes to you and 2 hours to your friends.

  9. You arrive at airports with 3 hours to spare…. and that’s after checking in and going through passport control….. but at least there is more time to shop! People who travel with you moan to you at how much time they have to kill, but secretly they like that they won’t ever miss a flight when they are with you.

  10. When you have scheduled doctors appointments, hair appointment, interviews, meetings, friend catch ups or dinners – you always arrive around 15-20 minutes early. But you were probably already sitting in your car or a coffee shop nearby 15-20 mins before that also……

There are probably plenty more, but these are most definitely my top ten highlights for me. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one thinking this?? Hopefully?


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