Book Review: Cole by Tijan

Cole by Tijan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ I am already a fan of Tijan – the ‘Broken and Screwed’ series is a recent favourite of mine so I was already hoping that this would follow suit.

And it did.
‘Cole’ is a spin off of the ‘Carter Reed’ series but is a stand alone novel. Having not read the ‘Carter Reed’ series myself I wouldn’t have known the difference. Carter Reed does make an appearance or two but to me felt like an ordinary character not one that had its own series. I do wish that I had read the ‘Carter Reed’ series first because now I already know what happens in their story. But I may return to it.
I really enjoyed ‘Cole’. I enjoyed the mix of light and dark, the humour, the seductiveness and the back story with the two mafia families. Cole didn’t try to be someone he wasn’t. Yes he was the head of a mafia family and he has killed people but he was all about family, loyalty and love which he shows throughout.
Both Cole and Addison have been through hell and somehow have managed to pull themselves through. Neither of them asked for any of it, especially Addison who had been completely in the dark from her husband and Cole. At no point did I feel that Addison was being naive, which is usually what I feel for female characters who fall into danger quickly. She acted on her gut and feelings rather than brashness and stupidity. She was a strong character even it wasn’t obvious at first. Sometimes she didn’t have a choice but dealt with it anyway. She didn’t just fall for a handsome bad boy, she followed this invisible path that ultimately led to him — she was from the start really. They were connected through her family — both not knowing it yet.
Most of the novel was told from Addison’s POV with a few chapters from Coles POV. Coles POV was needed, even just a snippet to see into his head and feel what he feels. Most of it was dark, but it felt real and the rest was a confirmation of what he felt for Addison.
I recommend this to people who love a romance with a twist. Who doesn’t mind violence and family dramas. I gave this 5 stars because there wasn’t anything I didn’t like? Although I wish there was more back story to Cole’s mafia life – or is this in the ‘Carter Reed’ series? Maybe I need to rad these to understand that side of things.

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