Book Review: One by Jewel E. Ann

One by Jewel E. Ann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 stars
I am already a big fan of Jewel E. Ann, having read five of her books now. I especially enjoyed the ‘Jack and Jill’ series which ‘One’ is a spin off from. Would I say it’s a stand alone novel? Yes, I would, as there is enough explanations of how they first met in the ‘Jack and Jill’ series for you not to have read it. Was I glad that I’d read the series before hand? Yes, I think it makes the storyline flow better because we’ve already experienced their first meeting three years ago. So my recommendation would be to read the ‘Jack and Jill’ series before hand — and plus it is an awesome series. Jills character is amazing and Cage is a prominent character throughout, only three years younger.
I can see the resemblance in Lakes character and Jills character in the ‘Jack and Jill’ series. She’s strong, funny, emotional and selfless. Cages character is basically the same which is both an advantage and disadvantage. Sometimes their selflessness can hinder their relationship, but as soon as that happens they are thrown back together again because they are supposed to be together.
Both characters have experienced loss, which is another thing they have in common, as well as having successful careers that they excel at. What matters here is that they are both willing to give up what they enjoy to be with that other person.
This is a love story. This is a boy meets girl scenario. But rather than it being about make ups and break ups or mistakes and forgiveness. Its about what that other person will do for the other, unconditionally. The tears are real. I sometimes forget its just a book. But thats when you know its a good one.

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