Book Review: When Life Happened by Jewel E Ann


I have to admit. When the theme of cheating and affairs became apparent early on, I had my doubts as to whether I could continue reading.
Would I get into it?
Would I end up putting it down?
I was close to doing so because I HATE cheating. I know no one will say that they love it, but for me it brings back horrible stomach churning memories that I don’t want to relive.
But, I’m glad I didn’t put it down because the direction changed and I warmed to the situation, finding myself questioning my brutality of the subject. It definitely gave a different perspective than the one assumed.
There have been books in the past that I haven’t read because they are told in first person POV of someone that is having an affair and I couldn’t get into the character.
I am a big fan and usually favourite first person POV, however I welcomed the third person narrative in this situation which was used really well. Sometimes third person point of view is used quite limitedly, but here we as a reader were captivated by how the main characters felt even though it was their own POV. To be honest I didn’t even notice until I began writing this review.
I was shocked at the twist which was around the time I was thinking about giving up because of the direction – I hope this was done on purpose and I think it was. It came at a really good time and created a part two of the book. Thinking back it felt like two books rather than one which I like.

I was in a constant battle with myself and even now about the events that led the characters together. BUT, I really enjoyed reading this, even though I feel like I shouldn’t – am I being too stuck up? Now I’m questioning myself! I love when books do that to me……

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