Book Review: Night Owl by M. Pierce 


This is one of those love it or hate it books. For me, it was pretty much a love hate relationship form start to finish. The last book I read contained the subject of affairs and was surprised to find that this followed suit. It’s about lying, cheating, degrading, humiliation and ‘arseholery’ (quoted from the book itself). But it was also addictive, sexy and exciting.

Matts character is a confusing suitcase of emotional baggage. He himself doesn’t know what he thinks or feels. His POV to us, the reader, is the complete opposite of the person he portrays to Hannah. Which one is he? Or is he both? I don’t like his character, but I loved to hate him. I still felt things for him though and was rooting for him to be happy. He completely confused me!

Hannah the other POV wasn’t as prominent as Matts character. I suppose you could say she was normal (ish) and had yet to discover what she really wanted out of life. She seemed lost and I suppose even though she ended up getting hurt, she gained more in the process.

Warning – this book is sexual. Graphically so pretty much from start to finish. Matts fault. I wouldn’t recommend reading in a public place if you don’t want to be squirming in your seat.

Four stars were given because I felt there were a few things that could’ve been better. The quick pace was good at the start but it was hard to keep up at some points. It was easy to get lost. I also didn’t appreciate the feeling of femininity which was quickly overcome by lust. I didn’t like myself after that.

Do I want to read the next one? Meh not sure. I prefer to think of this as a stand alone.


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