I’ve Neglected My Running

I’m putting my hands up 🙋🏻🙋🏻 I’ve neglected my running the last few months and it’s all my fault. 

Two months ago I joined the gym for the first time of my life. I love it. I love trying out different machines and weights and I feel great afterwards. But I don’t feel the same affects that I do from running. I’m not sleeping as well, I’m drinking more and I think I’m putting on weight rather than loosing it. 

When I was running I was getting up early to run so drinking the night before was a no go. I ate better and I was loosing the extra weight I’d been carrying for the last 5 years. Park runs on a Saturday was a regular thing and running after work and on Sunday was normal too. 

Gymming has taken over my running routine rather than working with it. I don’t regret joining the gym. I joined because my weight had plateaued and I wasn’t loosing anymore.

Today I went for a run and it felt awesome. It was just a couple of miles but I felt so much better for it. From now on I’m really going to try and run more. I used to run 4 times a week. Maybe I’ll try 3 and still go to the gym too! 

Wish me luck! 

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