Alpro Caffè Coffee and Soya

☕️ My new favourite drink! ☕️As a self confessed caffeine addict, I consume coffee on a daily basis. So much sometimes my body decides it needs some time off from it. I’m trying to treat a certain *ahem* bladder infection, and too much caffeine can irritate it. So I have to try and cut back somehow. I noticed this new drink by Alpro in Tesco yesterday so thought I would give it a try. Not only is it soya and only 42 calories per 100ml, it also contains just 20mg of caffeine. (The daily recommended allowance of caffeine is 400mg). So rather than cutting out completely, I can still get my fix without affecting my infection too much. It takes just like iced coffee. Creamy, sweet and of course like coffee! Great way to get my vitamins, proteins and fibre!

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