Travel Tips Part 1 – Checking In

Travel Tips Part 1 – Checking In

Whether you are going away on holiday, hen /stag weekend or for business, the act of travelling can be exciting….. but stressful. But it doesn’t have to be! Having travelled for work (a lot) for about 18 months now, I’ve quickly become a self-confessed pro when it come to travelling and want to pass on some of my hacks and tips. Rather than one long ass blog, I’ve decided to split it out into parts. Let’s get started with part 1…….

Checking in


I’m going to start with a simple one (or so it seems) but people still don’t take full advantage of being able to do this before hand.

  • Travelling solo and want a quick get away? Whether you are travelling for business or just an independent Beyoncé, think yourself lucky that you don’t to wait for anyone else. You are free to do what you want from the beginning of your trip to the very end! When travelling alone, I prefer to book an aisle seat plus speedy boarding so I can be first on the plane. This guarantees that your cabin bag will be somewhere near you (and not the other end of the plane) and with an aisle seat, you can be the first one up when the plane lands (no having to wait for the rest of your row to sort their shit out). Downside is having to let everyone up in your row when they want to pee. Upside, you can pee whenever you want. Bonus.
  • Check who your airline is and download their app. Everyone should have a smart phone by now (surely?)
  • Some airlines let you check in a month before such as Easy Jet, some 4 days before like Ryan Air and some only 24 hours before like British Airways. Whenever I book a flight, I set a reminder in my iPhone calendar to check in when I am able to (depending on the airline).
  • A trip can still be inputed in the app before its time to check in by putting in the reference number and name. Once checked in with the passport details, I then download the boarding pass to my phone which saves in the wallet app. (And if you are a non Apple user, god knows why, then Android offer their own version).
  • By doing this, I not only save paper by not having to print the boarding pass, (saving the planet one boarding pass at a time) but also saves time at the airport when going through security. I have my phone in my hand ready for scanning. No more rummaging in my hand luggage to locate my A4 piece of paper.
  • The iPhone knows that I’m in my allotted travel time and will already have the pass waiting on my locked screen to simply tap and open.


  • Gone are the days waiting in crowds huddled around the big screens for gate info. Now I can sit and have a coffee (or wine if it’s and evening flight, who am I kidding, a flight after 12pm) and I know my app will notify me when the gate info is ready (or a dreaded delay).
  • Now if you really want to get technical and have an Apple Watch. you can safely leave your phone in your bag and use your watch in exactly the same way. (A geeks dream).



Check in soon (get it?) for part 2 all about packing and luggage!

Let me know if you have any tips about checking in.


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