Chicken & Avocado Salad

Garlic & basil coated chicken-seared both sides in a pan for a few minutes then finished in the oven for 15 mins.  Served with sliced avocado, spinach, baby tomatoes and a slice of lemon! Yummy healthy lunch or dinner!!!

Breakfast Muffins!

1 Weight Watchers point for 2 muffins. Perfect for busy people like me! 💁🏻 6 eggs (6 whites + 3 yolks) 2 spring onions 3 chestnut mushrooms Cherry tomatoes 30g of half fat grated cheese 4 slices of ham Salt and pepper Mix all ingredients together and ladle into silicon muffin moulds. Cooked at 170c … Continue reading Breakfast Muffins!

‘Purple Haze’

'Purple Haze' Acrylic on canvas.

Food!! Glorious healthy food!! 🍴

When I first started my mission (I call it a mission because I knew this would be something that could make or break me!) I was dreading not being able to eat and drink what I wanted. But I can still eat my favourite foods and also make other foods become my favourite! Steak for … Continue reading Food!! Glorious healthy food!! 🍴

‘Lancashire Countryside’

© Joanne Johnston 2015

Homemade salad for work :-) Summer is coming!!!

Beetroot, feta, spring onion, low fat French dressing, cucumber, rocket, and baby tomatoes! Summer is coming!!!

Post swim breakfast! 3 Weight Watcher points!

2 Wheatabix's 4 strawberry's 1 banana Skimmed milk Lovely post swim breakfast!!! And only 3 weight watcher points.

Cullins Yard, Dover Restaurant Review – Give me Steak & Pinot! 

I have been working my but off for the last few weeks so I had a night of fitness and went out for dinner with my oldest friend Sinead 🙂   We went to Cullins Yard down the Dover Sea front. I had been there before but can't remember it being this good! We had booked … Continue reading Cullins Yard, Dover Restaurant Review – Give me Steak & Pinot! 

A Weight Watcher Hearty Lunch – 9 points!

3 eggs (3 white 1 yolk) 1 Tomato 1 Spring onion 1 small closed cup mushroom Salt & pepper 2 slices of thin sliced ham Spray fat 15g of half fat grated cheese! Fry the tomato, ham, mushroom and spring onion in spray fat with the added salt and pepper. Then add the egg already … Continue reading A Weight Watcher Hearty Lunch – 9 points!

My Weekly Meal Planner

Designed this this morning after waking up feeling very sluggish and not very motivated. I'm hoping by having this plastered on my kitchen fridge will motivate me! If anyone wants a copy please comment or message me!!!