“The Tree of New Beginnings”

  © Joanne Johnston 2015 Acrylic paints on canvas. 

‘Purple Haze’

'Purple Haze' Acrylic on canvas.

‘Lancashire Countryside’

© Joanne Johnston 2015

Cullins Yard, Dover Restaurant Review – Give me Steak & Pinot! 

I have been working my but off for the last few weeks so I had a night of fitness and went out for dinner with my oldest friend Sinead 🙂   We went to Cullins Yard down the Dover Sea front. I had been there before but can't remember it being this good! We had booked … Continue reading Cullins Yard, Dover Restaurant Review – Give me Steak & Pinot! 

‘Captain Leroy’

My brother asked me to paint him something that had these colours in them. Having spent the last few days in Paris these colours sprang to mind from the blue sky view from the Eiffel Tower and the dark waves of the river seine when travelling on the Batobus. I asked him to name it. … Continue reading ‘Captain Leroy’

George & Dragon, Sandwich, Kent

Thursday 27th February, 7pm, 4 people As my friend Alex was coming down from Manchester we decided to post a table at The George & Dragon in Sandwich as we have never been disappointed with previous visits! I used my app 'Toptable' to make my reservation. What I like about the app is that it's … Continue reading George & Dragon, Sandwich, Kent

Calm Before The Storm

A calming loving mood made me create this piece for my boyfriend. It symbolising peace following a rather heated discussion. "When I fight with you, I'm really fighting for us. If I didn't care, I wouldn't bother."

Teenage Angst

Like most artists, I find inspiration in my most influential moods. For me, angry and sad moods are my muse for dark colours such as this piece. I have called it Teenage Angst as that is how i felt that day after a particular hard day at work.

Week 3 – Eating out away from home

Me and Ryan spent a few days in Brighton this week so my diet was not as strict this week but I still managed to lose 1lb and generally I feel really good. The hardest thing about not being at home is watching what you eat. We left early in the morning and stopped off … Continue reading Week 3 – Eating out away from home

Salad & Fruit Diet – Week 2

So last week I was doing the smoothie diet and lost 3lbs. This week I have been doing a salad & fruit diet and have lost 2 lbs 🙂 Results Starting weight - 168lbs Weight now - 163lbs Goal weight - 145lbs Total loss - 5lbs 18 pounds to go!!! Breakfast (Very busy in the … Continue reading Salad & Fruit Diet – Week 2