Becoming a Vegetarian

I have never been a meat lover, but I have always been an animal lover. I still very nearly cry every time I see dead wildlife on the side of the road. I became a vegetarian shortly after Christmas last year with my last official meat being turkey with my Christmas dinner. I decided one … Continue reading Becoming a Vegetarian

Vegetarian Thai Noodle Broth

This dish was really easy to make and was under 400 cals a portion (altogether makes around 4 servings) All you need is..... corinander spring onions red onion 3 cloves of garlic vegetable stock low fat coconut milk dry noodles Ginger Chilli coconut oil mushrooms grated carrot mangetout Apart from the coriander, I had most … Continue reading Vegetarian Thai Noodle Broth

Marks & Spencer healthy food!!!

 Here in the UK when you think of M&S you think of expensive lovely tasting food with the mouth watering adverts. Having a M&S down the road from my work, I decided to try it out and now I'm in love 🙂 Yes i am not rich and I have yet to win the lottery. … Continue reading Marks & Spencer healthy food!!!

Avocado & Asparagus Salad

Made this lovely salad which took about 5 mins to chuck together! Great for post run dinner 🙂 Ripe avocado, peeled and sliced Asparagus slightly fried with salt and pepper Sliced beef tomato Lettuce Rocket Sliced onion

Deesons British Restaurant

Date visited-Wednesday 16th April 2014 Me, Ryan and couple went to Deesons in Canterbury, Kent for a meal and it was awesome. With Ryan being a chef we like to go to nice restaurants that cook delicious food rather than go to chain restaurants (it's defiantly something a girl could get used to!) because Ryan hadn't … Continue reading Deesons British Restaurant