It’s okay to not obsess about what you are eating

You have spent all week avoiding naughty foods at work and you have successfully avoided accepting the sugar covered donut that your boyfriend offered you. You pass Mac Donald's every morning and pat yourself on the back for not  detouring through to buy a sausage and egg Mc Muffin.  You should be proud that you … Continue reading It’s okay to not obsess about what you are eating

5 Writing hacks to get published

5 Writing Hacks The dos and don’ts for getting your work published BY TEAM ELLE POSTED 28 TUE JULY As her debut novel, In A Dark, Dark Wood, is published, author Ruth Ware shares her writing tips. They say everyone's got a book inside them – but what's the secret to getting that book out onto the … Continue reading 5 Writing hacks to get published

Breakfast Muffins!

1 Weight Watchers point for 2 muffins. Perfect for busy people like me! 💁🏻 6 eggs (6 whites + 3 yolks) 2 spring onions 3 chestnut mushrooms Cherry tomatoes 30g of half fat grated cheese 4 slices of ham Salt and pepper Mix all ingredients together and ladle into silicon muffin moulds. Cooked at 170c … Continue reading Breakfast Muffins!

Book Review: Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Lori L. Otto My rating: 2 of 5 stars Just 2 stars for me this time. I couldn't get into this, even though I really tried. Having the book told from only Nate's POV was frustrating which led me not to like Emi's character very much at all. If I knew … Continue reading Book Review: Lost and Found