Magnificent Malaysia

Originally posted on the Saga Magazine by me! Magnificent MalaysiaNew content executive, Joanne, tells us why her experience in Malaysia was simply magnificent! As I stretched out my achy legs after a thirteen hour flight, I felt the need to pinch myself, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Had I really just landed in Malaysia? If … Continue reading Magnificent Malaysia

“The Tree of New Beginnings”

  © Joanne Johnston 2015 Acrylic paints on canvas. 

‘Purple Haze’

'Purple Haze' Acrylic on canvas.

‘Lancashire Countryside’

© Joanne Johnston 2015

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‘Captain Leroy’

My brother asked me to paint him something that had these colours in them. Having spent the last few days in Paris these colours sprang to mind from the blue sky view from the Eiffel Tower and the dark waves of the river seine when travelling on the Batobus. I asked him to name it. … Continue reading ‘Captain Leroy’

Calm Before The Storm

A calming loving mood made me create this piece for my boyfriend. It symbolising peace following a rather heated discussion. "When I fight with you, I'm really fighting for us. If I didn't care, I wouldn't bother."

Teenage Angst

Like most artists, I find inspiration in my most influential moods. For me, angry and sad moods are my muse for dark colours such as this piece. I have called it Teenage Angst as that is how i felt that day after a particular hard day at work.