It’s okay to not obsess about what you are eating

You have spent all week avoiding naughty foods at work and you have successfully avoided accepting the sugar covered donut that your boyfriend offered you. You pass Mac Donald's every morning and pat yourself on the back for not  detouring through to buy a sausage and egg Mc Muffin.  You should be proud that you … Continue reading It’s okay to not obsess about what you are eating

Breakfast Muffins!

1 Weight Watchers point for 2 muffins. Perfect for busy people like me! 💁🏻 6 eggs (6 whites + 3 yolks) 2 spring onions 3 chestnut mushrooms Cherry tomatoes 30g of half fat grated cheese 4 slices of ham Salt and pepper Mix all ingredients together and ladle into silicon muffin moulds. Cooked at 170c … Continue reading Breakfast Muffins!

Breakfast Green Smoothie

I recently treated myself to a Breville Blend Active smoothie maker! It is the family edition where you have 4 cups (2 large and 2 small flasks) instead of just the one. I had my eye on it a while but waited until I saw it on offer somewhere-and I did!!! Lakeland were selling it … Continue reading Breakfast Green Smoothie

Homemade salad for work :-) Summer is coming!!!

Beetroot, feta, spring onion, low fat French dressing, cucumber, rocket, and baby tomatoes! Summer is coming!!!

Exercise timetable-I’m knackered just looking at it!!!

I have lost half a stone before I started this exercise timetable in around a month. Go knows what I could do when I stick to this!!!!!             

A Weight Watcher Hearty Lunch – 9 points!

3 eggs (3 white 1 yolk) 1 Tomato 1 Spring onion 1 small closed cup mushroom Salt & pepper 2 slices of thin sliced ham Spray fat 15g of half fat grated cheese! Fry the tomato, ham, mushroom and spring onion in spray fat with the added salt and pepper. Then add the egg already … Continue reading A Weight Watcher Hearty Lunch – 9 points!

Avocado & Asparagus Salad

Made this lovely salad which took about 5 mins to chuck together! Great for post run dinner 🙂 Ripe avocado, peeled and sliced Asparagus slightly fried with salt and pepper Sliced beef tomato Lettuce Rocket Sliced onion

My Weekly Meal Planner

Designed this this morning after waking up feeling very sluggish and not very motivated. I'm hoping by having this plastered on my kitchen fridge will motivate me! If anyone wants a copy please comment or message me!!!

Bootea 14 day Detox

Day 2 of the Bootea 14 day detox First thing that I was impressed about was that it was next day delivery, so no having to wait days for it to arrive. Just like Next Day Delivery for asos you get a txt message that morning with the hour window of when it will arrive. … Continue reading Bootea 14 day Detox

Week 3 – Eating out away from home

Me and Ryan spent a few days in Brighton this week so my diet was not as strict this week but I still managed to lose 1lb and generally I feel really good. The hardest thing about not being at home is watching what you eat. We left early in the morning and stopped off … Continue reading Week 3 – Eating out away from home