Social Media: A False Sense of Connection?

The big '3-0' is looming closer and closer, and I find myself thinking back to when I was a carefree teenager. I was lucky to have a simple pay as you go phone (but the credit never lasted long), the internet was dial up and it was slow. Painfully slow. But all I used it … Continue reading Social Media: A False Sense of Connection?

Becoming a Vegetarian

I have never been a meat lover, but I have always been an animal lover. I still very nearly cry every time I see dead wildlife on the side of the road. I became a vegetarian shortly after Christmas last year with my last official meat being turkey with my Christmas dinner. I decided one … Continue reading Becoming a Vegetarian

“The Tree of New Beginnings”

  © Joanne Johnston 2015 Acrylic paints on canvas. 

Breakfast Muffins!

1 Weight Watchers point for 2 muffins. Perfect for busy people like me! 💁🏻 6 eggs (6 whites + 3 yolks) 2 spring onions 3 chestnut mushrooms Cherry tomatoes 30g of half fat grated cheese 4 slices of ham Salt and pepper Mix all ingredients together and ladle into silicon muffin moulds. Cooked at 170c … Continue reading Breakfast Muffins!

Review: TomTom Runner GPS Watch

This is my new TomTom runner! I've never had a GPS watch before and I had done a lot of research. I'm not saying this would be the only one I would ever have, but I didn't want to spend a huge amount of money just invade somewhere down the line I invest in a … Continue reading Review: TomTom Runner GPS Watch

Food!! Glorious healthy food!! 🍴

When I first started my mission (I call it a mission because I knew this would be something that could make or break me!) I was dreading not being able to eat and drink what I wanted. But I can still eat my favourite foods and also make other foods become my favourite! Steak for … Continue reading Food!! Glorious healthy food!! 🍴

Marks & Spencer healthy food!!!

 Here in the UK when you think of M&S you think of expensive lovely tasting food with the mouth watering adverts. Having a M&S down the road from my work, I decided to try it out and now I'm in love 🙂 Yes i am not rich and I have yet to win the lottery. … Continue reading Marks & Spencer healthy food!!!

Dieting in the sunshine can be nice :)

Today's lunch Cup of mixed frozen fruit (strawberries, red currents and raspberries) Almond milk Blended together keeps it nice and cold as the the fruit is frozen. Follow me and follow me on Instagram joanne_johnston