Travel Tips Part 1 – Checking In

Travel Tips Part 1 - Checking In Whether you are going away on holiday, hen /stag weekend or for business, the act of travelling can be exciting..... but stressful. But it doesn't have to be! Having travelled for work (a lot) for about 18 months now, I've quickly become a self-confessed pro when it come … Continue reading Travel Tips Part 1 – Checking In

Nearly 30 And Not Feeling Broody… But That’s Okay

As I switch between Facebook and Instagram I'm faced with announcements of pregnancies, safe arrivals of newborns and daily reminders of their cute faces filling my newsfeed. Don't get me wrong, I hit like at every one of those adorable faces I see. But that's where it ends. I don't feel broody, I don't start … Continue reading Nearly 30 And Not Feeling Broody… But That’s Okay

Finding My Independence

I’m currently writing this high in the air, above the white fluffy marshmallow looking clouds taking breaks now and then to glance out the window on my right at the foreign but familiar lands that I hope to visit again soon. I couldn't think of a better way to clear ones head than to make … Continue reading Finding My Independence

My Travels: Montenegro 

Month of  travel - March 2017 After arriving bright and early in Montenegro on the Monday morning, I was instantly in awe of the beautiful mountains and tall Cyprus trees (so many trees!) that looked convincingly like a back drop to a postcard not a destination for a work trip. But here I was, running … Continue reading My Travels: Montenegro 

My Travels: Sarajevo and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I was only young when in the early 90's, the dissolution of Yugoslavia began, resulting in various wars between the former republics. Political tensions had been brewing back in the 80's but were put to rest by President Tito (a highly respected figure in Yugoslavia history.) After Tito died in 1990 the tensions fired back … Continue reading My Travels: Sarajevo and Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

I Hate Being Late

10 statements you will identify with if you hate being late! All of my family, friends and now co-workers are now used to how early I am. To everything. And I mean everything. Some people like it, some people depend on it - whilst others find it slightly frustrating. It's not the fact that I … Continue reading I Hate Being Late

Lighter Evenings- A Runner’s Dream! 

At last the evenings are lighter for longer, meaning a quick 5.15pm 4km is doable before the darkness hits.  My favourite time to run is in the morning but unfortunately there's still time to go before it's light at 5.30am.  Excited 😊 

Magnificent Malaysia

Originally posted on the Saga Magazine by me! Magnificent MalaysiaNew content executive, Joanne, tells us why her experience in Malaysia was simply magnificent! As I stretched out my achy legs after a thirteen hour flight, I felt the need to pinch myself, just to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. Had I really just landed in Malaysia? If … Continue reading Magnificent Malaysia

First Day At Your New Job – Do’s & Don’ts

So it was my first day at my new job today (which was so exciting!) I had read up on some do's and don'ts however there were some things I weren't prepared for so I wanted to share what I had found. Do-Wear comfy shoes, but try them out first! Even if your shoes are … Continue reading First Day At Your New Job – Do’s & Don’ts

How to Quit your Job

  My current life goal is to wake up on a Monday morning, and instead of thinking, "oh no it's Monday" then proceed to post a funny photo of an animal with the hashtag #hatemondays on Instagram. To instead wake up feeling excited about what today could bring. Whether it's a Monday or any day of … Continue reading How to Quit your Job