Book writing update…. 50,000 words

I'm officially 50,000 words through my first novel 'Sweet Revenge'. I have been writing since Autumn of last year. Progress has been slow which is understandable since I have a full time job and other commitments. I'm confident enough now to have it finished by next year.... What's slowing me down though is when I … Continue reading Book writing update…. 50,000 words

How to Quit your Job

  My current life goal is to wake up on a Monday morning, and instead of thinking, "oh no it's Monday" then proceed to post a funny photo of an animal with the hashtag #hatemondays on Instagram. To instead wake up feeling excited about what today could bring. Whether it's a Monday or any day of … Continue reading How to Quit your Job

5 Writing hacks to get published

5 Writing Hacks The dos and don’ts for getting your work published BY TEAM ELLE POSTED 28 TUE JULY As her debut novel, In A Dark, Dark Wood, is published, author Ruth Ware shares her writing tips. They say everyone's got a book inside them – but what's the secret to getting that book out onto the … Continue reading 5 Writing hacks to get published